Sunday, April 10, 2011

Trees and Leaves . . .

have provided many an eighth grader with his or her science project. Pennsylvania is home to nearly 20 different species of conifers and close to 100 deciduous hardwoods. Almost all are natives.

Getting Together in "P. A."

Rural demographers tell us P. A. ––in spite of its major metropolitan areas––remains one of our nation's most rural states. Maps list hundreds of little crossroad communities sprouting the names of  "corners," "hill," "valley," "creek," "run," "falls," "springs," and so forth. Neighbors often meet in churches or meeting houses such as this one for elections, political airings, benefits, local talent shows, dances, benefits or suppers where ham loaf or swiss steak dinners are often served. Near New Richmond, Crawford County in northwestern P. A.