Tuesday, September 4, 2012

One Last Look

at Lamade Stadium, South Williamsport, "P. A.," home of Little League Baseball and the LLWS.

Japan took it all again this year, but we just have to admire the discipline and training. Goodlettsville, TN, became the US National champ narrowly beating Petaluma, CA, in a 24-16 slugfest. Narrowly, we say? Check the Little League website for the full account of this nail-biter.

Other highlights included a team from Uganda, making in its first-ever appearance. Who knows what impact Little League and baseball in general can exert on this nation's progress, self-respect, and acceptance in the world community?

As most of us followers have come to expect, most of the games were highly entertaining and viewers were richly rewarded by outstanding play, good coverage, and memories of a lifetime.

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